Thursday, September 13, 2012

Newsletter 24 months

Dear Selah,

You've just turned 2. We had a small get together with friends for you where you received a bouncy ball with a handle, a toy that you've been coveting for a long time. We plan on taking you to the zoo and the children's museum soon.

You're a genuine delight to be around. You're free with hugs and kisses for anyone that wants one. You love to tickle your parents. You are generally wary of men but that's not a bad thing at this point in time! Some of your favorite people include your Amah and Valwee whom you ask for almost everyday. You also mention 'Com (grandpa in Chinese) and grandma, Tom Tom (which you say in a deep voice), Whit Whit, Bubba, Debbie and Kaylee. 

Your vocabulary is growing immensely but we do love to hear you say some words over and over again like- nom nom nom (watermelon), and STRAWBERRY!, and locklate (chocolate). When you call the dog you say EYE! (for Isaac). You are still using your signs which I am so grateful for because half the time I don't know what you're saying. You've made up some of your own signs and that's also very helpful. To name a few, you shake your fist for oils, turn 2 fingers for louder, and pinch your fingers together when you want a sticker. The more signs we can teach you the better. You're starting to learn your phonics starting with ABCD and you can already recognize these letters. For some reason you've stopped saying your D's  and have replaced them with Gs so Dada sounds like Gaga and dog sounds like gog. You drive me insane with the number of times you say Mama all the time.

You love to read books, flip pages, play with your baby dolls and 'cook' for us. And bubbles are a big deal. You're insistent and particular about some things like washing your fruit and shaking it dry. You LOVE to apply oils to any kind of bobo, even if it means making some up. You already love to wipe things down so I hope you grow up to love cleaning! You're so good about picking up your toys when asked. You've learned to use a spray bottle to spray water at people and you think it's hilarious. You enjoy youtube videos with Elmo and Itsy Bitsy Spider. You sit on the counter and 'help' Mama cook, and you especially like when you get to wash rice and make green smoothies.

You're getting better and better at sitting still during church. You sing in your own baby talk during music sometimes and it is so cute! You ask to do worship sometimes at home and that really blesses your Mama. You love to distribute bibles and hymnals during family worship and take your job very seriously. You are pretty responsive to discipline making you an easy going sweet girl. 

You're tiny at about 23 lbs which is a source of stress for me but you eat all the time. And you eat really well. You love most vegetables including broccoli, green beans, and cucumbers. Fruit is your snack of choice particularly grapes and peaches. Your palate changes day to day, you'll eat something one day and not care for it the next. Meat is not your favorite but you'll obligate us.

When we tell you No, you respond with wait! Meaning you hope the answer will change later.  You can buckle the chest clip by yourself in your car seat. When you do anything praiseworthy you always say "good girl" so we remember to give you praise too.

You are the sweetest joy and one of my greatest blessings. I think about you when you go to bed and look forward to seeing you every morning. I'm so thankful for you Selah and so proud I get to be your Mama. I love you sweet girl.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vacay Day 2 & 3

San Antonio is impossible to navigate, even with a GPS. Don't bother following maps because it's always on the opposite side of where you think it is.

Got locked in a hallway at the hotel with an employee for 20 minutes. Knocked on doors furiously until someone found us.
Enjoyed a massage at the nicest spa and took a shower there with 4 showerheads! 
Got lost looking for Taco Bell.
Went to Buc-ee's. Huge but overpriced. Bought jerky.
Drove around looking for Gruene, TX ended up in Canyon Lake, TX.
Enjoyed the scenic drive and good uninterrupted conversation nonetheless.
Found Gruene! Browsed an antique store, amazed at how much someone else's old junk can go over.
Reminded that life and material goods are fleeting and eventually worthless.
Went to The Stepping Stone Coffee Bar, enjoyed a limeade and good Christian book. So relaxing.
Drove back to the hotel and rested a bit before dinner, we declined turn down service but got some ice (big deal with no ice machines!)
Ate at Lupe's where they were not skimpy on their guac or cheese. Louis also got a lot of meat which never happens. Good amount of food but didn't taste the same to me. Got a surprise discount on the meal, score!
Browsed HEB for about 45 minutes much to Louis' chagrin and my pleasure. Bought drinks and candy and breakfast
Went back to the hotel and sat on the lofty and beautiful terrace and enjoyed more conversation with my beloved. It was breezy, cool and so nice to be outside and talk about things we are thankful for.

Day 3
A relaxing and slow morning. Ate breakfast and took a shower.
Checked out of amazing hotel and received another surprise discount.
Ate at Chic-fil-a.
Drove back to town to pick up dog and baby.

So thankful for rest and relaxation and the good things that God had for us. Praise Him.

We didn't do too much outside because it was so hot but I think we really made the  most of it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a vacation update

I intentionally didn't bring my camera because I didn't want to be burdened with taking pictures. I'm trying to be present in the moment and just enjoy life without trying to overdocument everything with facebook updates, tweets, and worrying about taking pictures.

But man I wish I brought my camera! I want to blog for the memory of it all. My mom got us this hotel package for our anniversary and the Eilan Hotel is so very nice. We're totally spoiled already. It's grande and new and looks like Europe here. There's even lights in the closets when you open the doors. They have magazines and a phone in the toilet room, crazy nice!

We dined at the hotel restaurant (with a voucher) and the dinner was nice. We certainly felt out of place at such a nice place. This is a kind of place that serves amuse bouche with dinner. After, we drove around and around before finding The Falls at The Shops of La Cantera, turns out to be right up the mountain from the hotel. The Falls reminds me of the shops at Sugar Land Town Square. We had gelato (5 flavors in one cup!) and stopped by Sur La Table. Sur sells kitchen and cooking supplies. My kinda store! I finally bought a microplane that I've been wanting forever. We then stopped by Target to buy some sunglasses for Louis and pistachios for me to snack on. The day has been relaxing and enjoying. It's been really nice to stop and sit with no real plans. The pace has been leisurely and the company is the best. I really enjoy hanging out with my hubby. When we got back to the hotel, the bed had been turned down, shades drawn and coffee and creamer replenished. They even cleaned the shower and replace the mats from when I showered just before dinner. They are crazy on top of things. Having too much fun and missing my girl at the same time. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quick takes

1. Memorial Day weekend. Fun and restful. My family kept Selah overnight for the second time. Louis and I don't know what to do with ourselves without a little one to take care of. 30 more years of always having kids around will really leave us clueless with each other. Resolution- more date nights.


2. Selah took a tumble and scraped her hand up. It's not too bad but she wouldn't use her hand for 3 days and kept it clenched in a fist to protect it.


3. Soda tastings are fun. Ever had one? It's a Baptist's dream. Order a bunch of expensive sodas and sit around with some friends and throw around words like earthy and spicy when describing root beer.


4. So I thought I pulled my a muscle in my lower back and laid around for 3 days. Walking, sitting, standing hurt like the dickens (what does this mean anyway?). I finally called my midwife and she told me it was pregnancy related, probably sciatica. Prescribed adjustments, some torturous stretches and moist heat. Did all the at home things and finally went to get adjusted. Chiropractor saw me for 2 seconds and did nothing to ease the pain. 2 more days of misery and went to another chiropractor. Finally gave me some relief. She was shocked at my bad shape, understood how bad the pain was, and was outraged at my first chiropractor for not doing more. I wanted to make her a best friends forever bracelet right there. So looking forward to going back on Tuesday.


5. Sciatica makes me not want to be pregnant ever again. I don't know how people do it. Shifting pelvis, pinched nerves, bedrest?


6. I wish my husband was a chiropractor. I would get adjusted every hour.


7. I've learned a lot about myself this week. I've learned that I'm pretty selfish. And for me, the hardest thing about suffering is that I'm thinking about my pain all the time. It makes one very self centered. Prone to complaining. Prone to not being about to think or concentrate about anything else. Having to be dependent on others is very humbling. Being on bed rest and having no works at all to prove your worth and self righteousness is convicting. Where is my righteousness and faith? In Christ alone.

(See Lord? I learned my lesson, now heal me!)

Friday, April 20, 2012

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Selah is getting so big, she's signing more and talking more. Her signs include potty, more, please, thank you, help and eat. Her vocabulary is still rather limited, she will say dog, ice, bips (chips), mama and dada, lock-lat (chocolate) and 'rapes (grapes). She's pointing a lot and learning new words everyday. She loves books, to turn pages mostly but she likes animal books and to imitate their sounds. She's also very motherly already, feeding, changing and hushing her baby dolls to sleep. We'll start potty training next week. She loves shoes and jewelry, Elmo videos, tortillas, and fries. She's 20 mths.

Time is going by so fast, I can't hold on enough, we'll be a family of 4 before too long.

Things have been so busy this is the first chance I feel like I've gotten to breathe in so long, it's been a good restful week. We've watched movies, eaten out with friends, visited with family. Life's greatest pleasures rolled all together.

I'm thankful for friends who are open about their progress of sanctification and inspire me to grow as well.

I'm so thankful for my loving and gracious husband who models the grace of Christ to me when I don't deserve it. I've really been enjoying and learning much from family worship in the proverbs.

My sin and failure are ever before me but I have a gracious Father who grows and changes me. Praise and Glory to the Lord.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

weaning and a little breast talk so be forewarned

So Selah is has been weaned for exactly 11 days. I'm sad about this actually, I'll miss nursing her, laying her in my lap, the quiet times together. But she's growing up, and that's what babies do. I still get to to sing and rock her to sleep at night. I'm glad to be along for this joyous ride. I thought it would be really easy on my breasts because she was only nursing once a day at the end but they still got sore and achy.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Long time no blog!

Let me just say it. Not blogging makes me feel guilty. Shamefully so. It's been so long, coming back kinda feels terrible. Like going to the gym after you haven't been in awhile. Some people are like 'yeah!, you're getting back on the horse.' My attitude is 'yeah, I fell off the horse and stayed down for a reeeally long time.' But here I am. I felt the need to blog because today is worth blogging about.

Selah at 18 mths spent her first night away from her parents. I was excited and slightly anxious at the same time. Louis and I went to dinner, Best Buy, Walmart, and rented a redbox. She was gone all Saturday too, didn't come back til 7:30. Louis and I slept in, ate a lazy lunch, and then I spend the rest of the day sewing and watching tv. It was really relaxing. I feel kinda guilty that I enjoyed myself so much. It was fun but also weird. She's become such an integral part of our lives. I felt like I was missing a limb or something. I really thought I heard her cry through the monitor even though she wasn't here. Some alone time is nice but things are only really right when your family is all together like it should be, for now anyway.